Mashex Siberia

Machine Building. Metal Processing. Welding. Metallurgy is the largest specialized international exhibition beyond the Urals in this field. In spite of the crisis it has been developing and contributing to the modernization of Siberian businesses. It has also been providing favorable conditions for the development of the machine-building industry. By demonstrating new products, the exhibition promotes the application of innovations and competitive growth.

The exhibition was held for the first time as Metals of Siberia in 1999, within the Sibpolytech industrial forum. 

The exhibitors of Metals of Siberia made up 28% of the total number of the forum participants in 2002. In 2003, the exhibition was held separately as an international and specialized event. In 2008 the exhibition was renamed Machine Building. Metal Processing. Welding. Metallurgy. This title reveals the main sections of the exhibition: machines, machine building tools, metal processing, metallurgy and welding equipment.

The project is officially supported by Government of Novosibirsk Region and Novosibirsk Mayor’s Office. 

Taking part in the exhibition is a perfect opportunity to present products to end consumers, learn about current market trends, assess market conditions, and discover new ways of promoting products and services.

Organisers: ITE Siberian Fair LLC

Official support

  • Novosibirsk Region Administration
  • Novosibirsk Mayor’s Office
From 26 to 29 March 2013, ITE Siberian Fair will organise an international exhibition for machine building, metalworking and metallurgy under a new name - Mashex Siberia. The event, taking place for the 15th time, will be held at Novosibirsk Expocentre.
For 120 years, companies from the investment goods industry have been committed to the VDMA (German Engineering Federation), the largest industry network in Germany and Europe with more than 3,000 companies. This wide base creates the ideal backdrop for the successful representation of interests and the mutual exchange of experience. At the same time, members also use the VDMA as an all-embracing service provider.
Mayr® power transmission is one of the most traditional and yet at the same time most innovative companies for power transmission is going to take part in Mashex Siberia 2013.

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